In adition to the main roster of APW, UltraLucha offers an expanded list of wrestling talent that doesn't really follows the original inspiration of the APW crew.

Notable UltraLucha wrestlers

  • Agent Of Despair - This evil mastermind is considered one of the top heels of UltraLucha. With great dominance, raw power, dangerous moves and zero mercy, he is totally a force to be reckoned.
  • The Ayyylmao Squad - Roswell the alien and Apolo SpaceBro the astronaut are the main members of the Ayyylmao Squad, which goal is to bring to an "out of this world cosmic wrestling experience" to the ring. They both have some sweet high-flying moves under their arsenal.
  • Belladonna - The Dominatrix, she is all about inflict pain, dominate and humiliate her opponents. Don't fall under her deadly charms, you will regret it.
  • Blood Falcon - The self proclaimed arch-nemesis of Chickenboy and pupil of Agent of Despair. He can be seen as the evil counterpart of Chickenboy, their physique, agility and in-ring capabilities are nearly identical, with their main differences being his ruthless aggression and thirst of violence.
  • Chickenboy - A young rising star that wears chicken inspired gear. With great agility and acrobatic moves, this masked wrestler is making his way to the top. He's also starting to become a regular on MNL.
  • C.H.R.O.M.E. - The Cyber Hero Omega is a silent and mysterious warrior with a very robotic look. There is very little known about him aside of his wrestling style that consists mostly of acrobatics and fast striking.
  • Dr. Default - A generic masked wrestler with a generic moveset. He really loves the old and fashioned ways of wrestling. May be a little boring, but he's a good person.
  • El Demoledor - This big heavyweight has only one goal: Crush the competition! With brute force and a powerhouse style, this veteran will absolutely demolish his foes.
  • El Diablote - Are you ready for some Cumbias Locotas Colombianotas esse? This brawler is all about violence, xtreme fighting, dirty tricks, and winning by any means necessary. Beware of the King of the Devil's Cumbia.
  • Elrob - The Wrestling Wizard, seems like a character straight from a fantasy tale, but instead he is an experienced technician in the ring. Despite having great dominance on the secret arts of submission holds, he may surprise you with his "magic spell" that even the highest of charismas can't resist!
  • Fernogro The Ogre - He is tall, he is strong and specially, he is green. Tired of living in the Ogre swaps, he came to APW looking to fulfil his childhood dream: become the best "Luchadorogro" of the world!
  • GachiTiger - A superstar in Japan, now looking for new challenges overseas, has arrived to APW. The masked bodybuilder has mastered the arts of close combat and submission. Don't get too close to the tiger, or he won't let you go!
  • Los Ganados - The well known duo of Ramon and Jose are one of the most inseparable teams of the company, together they are like the yin and yang. The naive Ramon is all about strength and fortitude, while the grumpy Jose brings the technique and strategy to the team.
  • Gran Bufalo - A man of few words, but also a man of great strength (and an even greater afro haircut). He's all about power, brute power. People says that he wrestles bears on the mountains for training. He is well known in the ring for his signature headbutt rush and powerful tackles.
  • Great Romilda - The Amazon Warrior, a force to be reckoned. She may be the strongest woman on the roster, and she's not afraid to prove it.
  • Golden Fists - Once a boxer but now a wrestler, he mixes the best of two worlds, great boxing and agile modern wrestling styles. This great charisma and shiny attire totally makes him worth "24k of Awesomeness".
  • Los Hermanos Calavera - Also known as the Skull Brothers, are a team composed of brothers and third generation of the Calavera dynasty. Known individually as Gris, Macabro and Calabaza, they have mastered the art of the tag-team and trios matches. Their style its pretty similar, consisting on traditional lucha libre and rudo tactics.
  • Kid Poison - Inspired by the lethality of a cobra, here comes Kid Poison, the second generation of the Cobra's Dynasty, he wants to continue the legacy of his father the legendary heel, Poison Cobra. Expect a lot of lucha libre style and deadly submission holds from this kiddo.
  • Lexi Blaze - Also known as The FireFox, she was a hot star from the independent circuit that is ready to become the HOTTEST star of APW. She has an all-around style, so expect a few of everything every time she steps on the ring. Her moves will burn the competition!
  • Mama Lucha - The Champion of the Low Prices has come to APW to pin fall the high prices to the ground. Her priceless charisma and lucha libre style made her an instant fan favorite.
  • Miss Twitch - Wearing a character sponsored by the popular streaming platform, Miss Twitch got an opportunity to shine on the big leagues. Don't think that she's just a living advertisement, the Streaming Princess has a lot of cool tricks under her sleeve.
  • Pascual El Conejo - A guy on a Rabbit suit, funny? creepy? It's up to you. Pascual is a weird and comical wrestler, founder (and only member) of the Rabbit Club, with some flashy moves and traditional lucha libre style. Every time he steps into the ring feels like it's Easter season over again!
  • Sumo Johnson - The American Sumo Idol, Joe Johnson, was once an american olympic wrestler, but after he visited the Land of the Rising Sun, he fell in love with the Sumo and learned all its secrets. Now he wrestles worldwide spreading his joy of this antique technique.
  • Venom - Be cautious, she bites. Venom the Vamp absolutely loves to inflict pain to others, even more than drinking blood. And with her great striking skills and lethal kicks no wonder why.
  • Xoch - This young aztec warrior wants to honor the legacy of her ancestors by becoming the best. Her moveset has a lot of lucha libre style combined with the guts of a natural born warrior.