The Soldiers of Sin (also known as The Avatars of Sin) are a group of wrestlers that joined APW to reinforce D.E.T.H. during the feud of the D.E.T.H. Invasion.

The group's name originated because each of its members somehow represents one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Members of The Soldiers of Sin

  • Queen Luxurya - D.E.T.H. Soldier #1, The embodiment of Lust. A very dangerous and seductive submission specialist.
  • Glutto The Butcher - D.E.T.H. Soldier #2, The embodiment of Gluttony. Also known as the Ring Devourer, he has an insatiable appetite of violence.
  • Speedy Greedy - D.E.T.H. Soldier #3, The embodiment of Greed. As his name evokes, his great agility and speed are his secret weapon.
  • Slippy Von Weba - D.E.T.H. Soldier #4, The embodiment of Sloth. He is too lazy to fight that he prefers to wait to his opponent to get tired to try to steal a win.
  • WrathBringer - D.E.T.H. Soldier #5, The embodiment of Wrath. The unofficial leader of the group, a bloodthirsty monster that always seeks for violence and destruction.
  • N.V.D.A. - D.E.T.H. Soldier #6, The embodiment of Envy. Always jealous of wrestlers with better muscular shape, he will use his lightweight as an advantage to outclass them and humiliate them.
  • El Orgulloso Jr. - D.E.T.H. Soldier #7, The embodiment of Pride. By being the second generation of a wrestling dynasty and showcase an open homosexuality, he is nothing but honor and pride.

Other/Former members

  • Striker Von Weba - The elder brother of Slippy Von Weba that wrestles on the european circuit, he came to APW for a few shows and was well received by the faction, specially Dr. Slakt, and was treated as a honorary member during his brief stay on the company. As his brother, he is also considered an embodiment of Sloth, but a slighty different kind of sloth.