Raitei Max is one of the characters of APW and one of their most representative Babyfaces, well known for his amazing high-flying moves, impeccable technique and his lethal finisher, the Thunder Impact.


From mexican and japanese heritage, Raitei Max has the best of two worlds: the spectacularity and tradition of lucha libre and the fighting spirit and discipline of japanese wrestling.

Raitei's moveset includes a wide variety of moves, from acrobatic lucha libre moves to swift strikes and even some complex ground locks.

His character also reflects this dual heritage as he combined the aesthetics of two iconic elements of each culture: the mexican masked luchador and the japanese tv show super hero archetype (sentai).

Almost like a real life super hero, Raitei Max always brings to the ring excitement and joy to his fans. His real identity is unknown.

Alliances and Rivalries 


  • BHP - Occasional Tag-Team partner.
  • Chicopez - Best friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
  • Fernando K9 - Occasional Tag-Team partner.
  • Pigazaman - Fellow high-flyer and also a heroic figure.


  • D.E.T.H. (Stable) - Main antagonist group.
    • Dark Ozkr - His high-flyer nemesis.
    • Dr. Slakt - Leader of D.E.T.H. Literally a Super Villain.