Pigazaman is one of the main characters of APW and current head of the Team Pizzas Pagaza, known for his high-flying lucha libre style and wacky moves.


This character belongs to the Pizzas Pagaza brand, one of the main sponsors of APW, and was created to be one of the faces of the company, also to serve as image and product placement for Pizzas Pagaza.

Thanks to his acrobatic moves, colorful gear and charisma, he quickly became one of the fan favorites. This led to the creation of more Pizzas Pagaza's characters, including a female counterpart and a mascot duo. This also marked the beginning of a new faction known as Team Pizzas Pagaza.

The current Pigazaman is not the first person that has incarnated this character. His real identity is unknown.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • Team Pizzas Pagaza (Stable) - Current Leader of the stable.
    • Lady Pigaza - Tag-Team partner and Wife.
    • Perry & Krieger (The PagaDogs) - Loyal minions.
  • Raitei Max - Fellow high-flyer and also a heroic figure.


  • Alberto - Honorable opponent. Main rival on the Team Allendaris VS Team Pizzas Pagaza feud.
  • King Carlos - Honorable opponent. Part of the Team Allendaris VS Team Pizzas Pagaza feud.

Championships and Accomplishments

APW World Championship (1 time)

  • Won against Dr. Slakt. Successful Title Defenses: 0.