La Jaula del Amor (The Love Cage) is a special event of APW that happens near the Valentines season days.

The 2018 edition was featured on the week of the 22th show of Monday Night Lucha.


La Jaula del Amor is a contest-style event where romantic couples of the roster will compete against other couples on diverse wrestling challenges, with the ultimate goal of win huge value prizes.

Each round of the contest will provide the opportunity for all the participant couples to earn points which will ease their chances to qualify for the final rounds of the event, featuring steel cage matches.

The first edition of this event was hosted by Fernando K9.

La Jaula del Amor 2018

Participating couples:

  • Pigazaman & Lady Pigaza
  • Beto Maglorn & Brenda
  • Alberto & Rainbow Nazz
  • Gerard Walker & Kari Walker


  • Beto Maglorn & Brenda