Jony-Boy is one of the characters of APW and part of the Allendaris faction, known for his strength, poetry and great charisma.


With great strength and will, Jony-Boy brings the power of the cosmos to the ring.

His moveset it's all about great and contundent power moves, with a very american style wrestling. And of course, all of this seasoned with funny taunts and poses with a special charisma that only he can have.

He is also part of the Team Allendaris along other fellow allendarian wrestlers.

Jony-Boy it's synonym of powerful and fun matches. Pretty decent ring performer and an absolute blast of an entertainer.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • Team Allendaris (Stable) - The faction of his people.
    • Alberto - Fellow allendarian, old friend and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Cesar El Wero - Fellow allendarian, old friend and occasional partner.
    • King Carlos - Fellow allendarian, old friend and main Tag-Team partner.
    • Rainbow Nazz - Honorary allendarian (due Alberto) and occasional partner.


  • D.E.T.H. (Stable) - Main antagonist group.
  • Beto Maglorn - One of the most memorable rivals of his ally, King Carlos.
  • Pigazaman - Honorable opponent. Part of the Team Allendaris VS Team Pizzas Pagaza feud.

Championships and Accomplishments

Halloween Costume Contest 2017 Winner

  • Winner of the Halloween Rumble Costume Contest by wearing his Pollito Allendence costume.