Halloween Rumble is a special event of APW that happens near the Halloween and the Day of the Dead season days.

The 2017 edition was featured on the 10th show of Monday Night Lucha.


The Halloween Rumble event consists on a pair of six-wrestlers battle royals, with a twist; every participant must compete wearing a Halloween costume.

The winners of both battle royals will face each other on a final match that will decide who will become the King of Halloween Rumble! (or Queen)

Additionally, there is a Costume Contest where the spectators can vote for their favorite disguised wrestler. The wrestler with most votes will be declared as the Halloween Costume Contest Winner and will earn a "special prize".

Halloween Rumble 2017


King of Halloween Rumble 2017:

  • Akuma SF (Jaguro)

Halloween Costume Contest 2017 Winner:

  • Pollito Allendence (Jony-Boy)


Battle Royal Group A:

  • Dr. Slorkt (Fernando K9)
  • Calabazaurio (Adrusaurio)
  • Betoman (Beto Maglorn)
  • Pequeño Diablito (Daniel Guillen) *
  • Neko Senpai (Gerard Walker)
  • Jason Voorhees (Linkko)

Battle Royal Group B:

  • Brendarks (Brenda)
  • Pigazombie (Pigazaman)
  • Pollito Allendence (Jony-Boy)
  • Project C.Y.B.E.R.M.A.X. (Raitei Max)
  • Akuma SF (Jaguro) *
  • Barbaclaus (BHP)

Final Match:

  • Pequeño Diablito (Daniel Guillen) VS Akuma SF (Jaguro)