Fernando K9 is one of the main characters of APW and top star of the company, known for his explosive personality, unparalleled charisma and aggressive brawler style.


With an unbelievable chemistry with the audience, Fernando K9 has become a worldwide phenom, with his merchandising being one of the best sellers of all time.

His moveset is very lackluster, consisting mostly on punches, kicks and a few basic grapples. But thanks to his great showmanship, he knows how to make them look exciting to the crowd.

K9 knows he is where the money is, at the point that he always demands to be on the Main Event spotlight, semi final matches at least, or he will just leave the arena.

His popularity is beyond logic and imagination, he's simply The Showman.

Alliances and Rivalries



  • BHP - AKA: The "BiatcHP". Friendly Rivalry.
  • D.E.T.H. (Stable) - Main antagonist group.
    • Dr. Slakt - Leader of D.E.T.H., sworn enemy. Current main Rival.