Brenda is one of the characters of APW and member of La Betofamilia, known for her MMA background and aggressive combat style.


Not only trained in the arts of wrestling, Brenda is well known for being a mixed martial artist with no fear to throw a rainstorm of punches everytime she steps in a ring.

Her style emphasize the art of striking, punches and kicking, combined with basic wrestling maneuvers and deadly submission holds.

She is one of the main members of the stable La Betofamilia, and wife of their leader, Beto Maglorn.

Alliances and Rivalries


  • La Betofamilia (Stable) - Current Leader of the stable.
    • Beto Maglorn - Her husband and regular Tag-Team partner.
    • Big Ed - Good friend and occasional Tag-Team partner.
    • Victor Finkar - Good old friend and regular Tag-Team partner


  • Adrusaurio - Main rival. Every time they fight, it's a butchery.
  • Fernando K9 - Not reeally a rival, she just like to beat him up every time she can.
  • Rainbow Nazz - Part of the classic feuds with the Allendaris faction.

Championships and Accomplishments

La Jaula del Amor 2018

  • Winner of La Jaula del Amor 2018 special event, along her husband, Beto Maglorn.